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Brewster BartlettThe RoadKill project started 20 years ago as part of a National Science Foundation teacher enhancement grant called EnviroNet, awarded to Simmons College in Boston. Brewster Bartlett, also known as Dr.Splatt, began the idea of monitoring dead animals along the roadway as he traveled back and forth from his school. He thought it would make a good project for students to not only learn the different kinds of animals that are found along the roadways but also to keep in touch with each other via the Internet.

When the project was first conceived in 1992 there was no access to the web and the only means of keeping in touch and sending along various data was via email messages that were posted to a bulletin board. As the web became available the project went through a series of modifications and changes for collection, submittal and retrieval of data and as a result communication between students and schools was greatly enhanced.

Over the past few years the RoadKill project lost its technical support and the submission of data to an online database was no longer possible. Many classrooms still participated but were finding it hard to "see" the bigger picture not having access to data from others.

We are happy to announce that the project has now moved to the server of EduTel Communications Inc. Once again it will have the needed support of online databases and of course updated pages. The project offers a virtual Post Office where students will be able to submit their work for sample cards that are available for sending. The project also includes a moderated interactive Message Board system for all that visit the site.

We hope the revised project will be useful to all that participate and please let us know if we can improve upon any of the site's features.

Making Connections - February 19, 2008

The RoadKill Project was recently featured on EdTechTalk as part of their "Making Connections" Webcast.
Making Connections is a group of educators helping each other understand new ways to integrate technology into the daily lives of teachers and students as well as creating contacts so our classrooms can connect to one another. The show is hosted by Cathy Evanoff from eastern North Carolina along with interaction from regular visitors.
You can access this Webcast below:

Listen Now:

icon for podpress  Making Connections | Show #29   [47:24min - 21.7MB]:
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CNN HeadlineNews - 1997

If you have Quicktime Player you can watch this CCN HeadlineNews video below from 1997. (Quicktime for the web is a free download from the Apple web site. It is available for both Windows and Macintosh. You can get that by clicking here!) This video is a 5.38MB file so it may take 30-40 seconds to load in if you're on a high speed connection ... if you don't have plenty of bandwidth, don't even bother!

Thanks, enjoy the project and we'll see you on the highways!  Smile




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