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Recently Dr. Splatt and the project were featured on the EdTechTalk Webcast called "Making Connections" hosted by Maria Nee and included Sheila Adams, a 7th grade Science teacher from Rye, NH and Deborah Goodman, an online educator from Edenton, NC with the Department of Public Instruction. We have been granted permission to feature that Webcast here on our site.

Making Connections - February 19, 2008

Making Connections is a group of educators helping each other understand new ways to integrate technology into the daily lives of teachers and students as well as creating contacts so our classrooms can connect to one another. The show is hosted by Cathy Evanoff from eastern North Carolina along with interaction from regular visitors.
You can access this Webcast below:

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icon for podpress  Making Connections | Show #29   [47:24min - 21.7MB]:
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Suggested Activities

Here are some suggested activities that you may want to consider doing with your students:

Discuss various habitats and ecological importance of small and large mammals.
Study common animal diseases.
Predict which type of animals will be most often and least often killed by motor vehicles in certain geographic areas.
Estimated populations of the types of animals.
Create maps related to the project.
Graphing of weekly roadkill data.RK Graph
Map reading.
Community involvement and outside speakers. Invite speakers form your community such as an animal control officer or veterinarian.(Department of Fisheries and Wildlife).
Formulate plans to create wildlife corridors or sanctuaries in your community.
Use simple statistics to analyze the roadkill data.
Practice Public Speaking Skills and present your roadkill findings to a local group in your community (e.g. Conservation Commission).
Roadkill games and story books.

Research Project Suggestions

Explore the relationship between the change to daylight savings time and the number of roadkills either increasing or decreasing.
Analyze extreme changes in temperature and weather patterns to observe effects on the amount of roadkills.
Compare differences in the amount of roadkills on an urban road versus a rural road.
Compare your findings to other parts of the country.
Compare roads with different speed limits and the amount of roadkills.
Compare the phases of the moon, particularly a full or new moon, and effects on the amount of roadkills.
Compare number and types of roadkills in different road environments (ie. wetland vs wooded areas).
Analyze the effect of animal diseases such as rabies on the amount of roadkills.
Compare the season to season and seasonal changes on the numbers of roadkills.
Work collected data into a GIS mapping program for your community and perhaps surrounding areas.





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