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Please Note:    This is our RK Mysteries page from a few years ago - we are not sure about offering this feature again as of this date. You can check back with Dr.Splatt once we have the monitoring up and operational!


February - 2005

We Are Bringing Back the Dr. Splatt and Ms.Roadrash Mystery Contest!

Please Note: We will be posting the first "mystery" for this year within the next week or so. Please check this page or read the postings to our message board.

   My students have written essays (in the past 7 years) about the adventures of Dr. Splatt and Ms Roadrash. (Ms. Roadrash is a geography teacher) They are traveling around the world and encounter roadkill or a hapless animal that has been involved in a terrible situation.The essays will be posted and it is up to your students to figure out where Dr. Splatt and Ms.Roadrash are located and what animal they ran over or found dead in a certain ecosystem.


1. To Join:
Sign-up by sending an email message to Dr. Splatt with your full name, school, grade, city/town. Dr. Splatt will acknowledge your request by sending you a welcome message.  There will be four mysteries for this year and our first mystery will be posted at the start of the project-February 28, 2005.  

2. Download the current essay from the web page and distribute the mystery to your students. You may incorporate this as part of your curricula or assign this as an extra credit project.

3. Send your answers via email to Once the deadline is up for the particular mystery then all the correct answers will be sent back for your review.  Answers will not be posted on the web page

These essays are a great way to incorporate geography, social science, language arts and science into your curricula. There is no cost to join this mystery contest and the school that wins will be posted on our web page.


Note: We have had a few requests to make the RoadKill Mysteries available as PDF files so we will accomodate this. If you need help with PDF files see our "help page" for instructions. Enjoy!




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