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Our database software is the "backbone" of RoadKill 2012. The ability to record, input, download and share various data makes for an exciting and educational project.

Visitors can access all data but you must  register for the project  in order to submit any data! All registered users will be emailed a User ID/Password once they subit their online registration form. If you just want to view the data you can access the database with:

User ID: guest
Password: guest

Everyone who uses the database part of this site should read (and print out) the database notes file. This file gives directions on ways to download data from our server and also contains an update of various features that are part of the database software. Having a printed copy of this file available while you are in the database itself will make your downloading a lot easier until you get used to the software. If we make any modifications to the database details will be found in this file and we will make an announcement about this on the News & Announcements level of the site.

Go to the RoadKill 2012 Database for Login

Please Note: All logins for the database are in lower-case letters. Please be careful with this as the server wil not recognize your User ID/Password if you use upper-case letters!

Old Data Files: You can access all old data files (1993 - 2011) by going to our RoadKill data archive. Click here to access this page!

New RoadKill 2006 FMPro Template: If you that have access to Filemaker Pro software you can download this template for the RoadKill project. This will greatly enhance your ability to do selective queries of our database without having to be connected to the web site. Just follow the directions in the database notes file for downloading the data into this software.





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